Caring Enough to Share Less

Today marks the end of my FaceBook oversharing. I’m sure that for many of you this announcement is long overdue. For those of you who aren’t linked to me on FaceBook, the situation I created looked like this:

my oversharing on FaceBook

I channeled all of my activity from Twitter, Google Reader, YouTube, Pandora … and every other social networking site possible into my FriendFeed, and was pushing that firehose of stuff up onto FaceBook, quite often pushing the activity from your other friends off the screen. If FaceBook had more robust filtering and viewing capabilities available to their users, this would have been great, but that’s not the case.

I think I came up with a good solution. I created a new private room on FriendFeed that only draws from a subset of my shared stuff, which should hopefully cut down on the noise, and make me a much more likable FaceBook citizen. Please let me know if there’s still too much (or not enough).

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5 Responses to Caring Enough to Share Less

  1. asti says:

    Yeah I ignored your feed a week or two ago because it was monopolizing my page!

  2. crutis says:

    Too bad, because I shared some super awesome stuff over the past week or two. ;-)

  3. Jaycie says:

    Yeah I put you on ignore too. If by super awesome you mean super boring.. then RIGHT ON!!

  4. Jaycie says:

    Comment moderation IS LAME!

  5. crutis says:

    Looks like I forgot to uncheck a box when I set up IntenseDebate. It was only allowing comments for anyone that had a previously approved comment.

    As for being boring, all I can say is it's ok to think once in a while when you're on FB. :P