Chromed Out

Google has a nice product in Chrome, but I’ve decided to move back to Firefox while Chrome bakes a little longer. A few reasons for switching back to Firefox:

  • Chrome was unable to access a linksys control panel on my friend’s network, other random pages break as well
  • Chrome crashed my gmail tab with a ctrl+z while typing email more times than I can forgive
  • I miss my Firefox addons

Google has given me a taste of something new, and I hope the overall conceptual improvements in Chrome make their way to Firefox, but let’s face it, we all live in the browser these days. I need the web to work, and I get more utility with Firefox without webapps that break. Chrome still kicks the crap out of safari though. Nobody on earth should be using that trash. Seriously.

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2 Responses to Chromed Out

  1. Joe says:

    Last I checked you didn’t own a mac. How can you definitively speak against safari. I use it at home (on a mac) most evenings without a hitch. Haven’t tried the windows version, but where’s hate coming from. I call not fair.

  2. The Crutis says:

    In my opinion Firefox out of the box is a better browser. From what I’ve read it’s also more secure. Since it’s free, I see no reason to use Safari.